Improving the sound of your voice, how it modulates, inflects & resonates, gives you the edge in the increasingly cutthroat corporate environment, both online & in person. 

Hubert Francis, Tenor – Portrait photo by Frances Marshall
Hubert Francis, Tenor – Portrait photo by Frances Marshall

USD$1 million prize-winner, ProAgni CEO, Lachlan Campbell speaks of the intensive & tailored vocal coaching Hugh conducted with him on his pitch preparation.

“We began with breathing, moved swiftly to incorporating this into voice & connection to text work. It was challenging but Hugh tenaciously & empathetically works to a high standard. The next year, ProAgni won the US$1 million First Prize in the New York and Cornell University’s sponsored Grow-NY competition.”

Lachlan continues, “I apply the skillset Hugh shared with me daily, in meetings, sales pitches &, most recently, at the invitation only address to the annual U.S. Farmers and Ranchers, ‘Honor the Harvest’ 3-day retreat.

“As a native English speaker, I underestimated the importance of pacing, pausing and enunciating my speech, along with the cultural subtleties and nuances that exist.” Elaborating, Lachlan says, “In a business environment, where increasingly, potential investors may be from non-English speaking backgrounds, Hugh’s 30 years of experience & knowledge are a real contributor in ProAgni’s commercial success, and his insights are a prerequisite for delivering a lasting message.” 

Hugh’s clients from the medical, construction, agriculture, manufacturing & arts sectors, echo Lachlan’s words.


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